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Seasoning Kit
Seasoning Kit

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  • Greogry Williams (Saturday, February 18 17 07:32 pm EST)

    Was introduced to Savory Soul back in the 1980s. That sauce put me on a bender for BBQ and I became a devotee to the craft for almost 30 years now. I have won awards for my own sauces, but this one put me on the track! Would love to speak to the person who originally bottled Savory Soul. Was it Wendell? I would very much like to talk to him! He inspired a great legacy in my family. Savory Soul is an amazing product. Did it leave the market for a while? We are happy we hooked up with it again!

  • kathleen shields (Wednesday, February 15 17 06:13 pm EST)

    We absolutely love your wing sauce. After trying every other brand out there, we keep coming back to Heritage Fare.
    I can't always find it in stores, however. Do Giant Eagle and Heinen's still carry it

  • Briana (Friday, December 16 16 02:52 pm EST)

    I love, love,love your products. I'm from cleveland, Ohio and was used to being able to go buy the products at the store. Once my husband joined the military, My grandmother used to send me the sweet potato pie seasoning and greens seasoning in the mail for the holidays. We went from Texas, to georgia, georgia, to north Carolina, and from north Carolina to Virginia and i still cannot find it in stores. You guys should definitely expand. Great job

  • Danielle Farmer (Wednesday, October 19 16 06:44 pm EDT)

    I Am really bummed... I came across the greens seasoning ... OMG love it. However have been looking for it and cant find it anywhere. I am in Denver CO, it says you dont sell it there... so please
    riddle me that as to how I found it. I also have a hard time paying 30 for a small shaker of this stuff. when I paid a few in the store. Also I am an amazon prime member and wont pay the same price
    to ship the product, when it cost that amount ... to buy ( does that make sense) - PS te verification that I am not a robot ( pain in the ass)

  • Carlis Williams (Saturday, May 28 16 08:13 am EDT)

    The 800 number on your website is incorrect. I purchased a box of the green seasonings about 2 months ago and have never received them. How can I reach you ti discuss?

  • SCOTT CONN (Monday, February 15 16 09:17 am EST)

    I use the Green's Seasoning on my steak. It is extremely delicious and much better than a Montreal seasoning. I put a light coat of Worchestershire on the meat, sprinkle with Greens, small amount of
    garlic and onion powder, press into the meat, let it stand for 10-15 min then throw it on the grill till med rare. Give it a try, I'm sure you will love it.

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Jerome Goodwin <jgoodwin@nc.rr.com> (Sunday, November 22 15 06:15 pm EST)

The sweet potato mix is an excellent product,


Pamela Scruggs <islandgirlwrites@yahoo.com> (Friday, November 27 15 12:57 pm EST)

I formally purchased your sweet potato pie seasoning in Atlanta Georgia at Kroger I have relocated to Charleston South Carolina and would like to know where I can buy the sweet potato mix here...
Walmart does not carry it here my closest Walmart is in Summerville South Carolina


Nancy Drayton <nmd195529@gmail.com> (Tuesday, August 30 16 11:17 am EDT)

I just want to share a comment. This seasoning is so good. I would have never dreamed that I could season collard greens without using salt. I used your green seasoning which I've had in the cabinet
for a long time. and failed to use. will buy more products nd will share with friends.


Diane <Dmf519@gmail.com +> (Monday, December 12 16 07:23 pm EST)

We absolutely love the garlic wing sauce! Great find! Thank you!