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Seasoning Kit
Seasoning Kit

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Sweet Potato Pie Seasoning

All the seasonings and dry ingredients are in the bag to make the anytime favorite sweet potato pie. A one-use product, each 10-ounce package makes two mouth watering pies or one deep dish pie. Just add potatoes, egg, milk and butter for an instant success and eliminate all the fuss and mess in the kitchen


Greens Seasoning

This mild blend of herbs and spices is a perfect addition to collards, mustards, turnips, wild dandelion greens, kale, cabbage, green beans, carrots and other leafy and garden vegetables. Or use Greens Seasoning to perk up other favorites such as beans and rice, potatoes, soups and salads. The five-ounce jar has a flip top that allows the use to sprinkle the seasoning at the table or pour during cooking.


Savory Soul Sauce

What would ribs be without barbeque sauce? Savory Soul Sauce, a Cleveland favorite since 1969, puts real  "soul" into meats and seafood. Heritage Fare has enhanced the flavor and added the popular sauce to its line of quality food products. For great barbeque, use this mild, liquid seasoning as a cooking sauce or meat and fish marinade. Or add Savory Soul Sauce as a flavor enhancer in baked beans, pot roast or chili. Want a dip for fried fish? Try Savory Soul. This barbecue sauce can also add spark to French fried potatoes, hot dogs, Polish boys, chicken wings or burgers. Savory Soul come in hot or mild flavor and comes in a glass 16-ounce bottle.


Buffalo and Garlic Wing Sauce

Looking for a great coating for cooking up  a batch of buffalo wings? Heritage Fare Chicken Wing Sauce adds a garlic and spicy flavor to baked, grilled or deep fried chicken wings. Or put out extra sauce just for dipping. Try this tangy sauce on other poultry, beef or pork favorites too. Flavor offered are Buffalo and Garlic. Sauce comes in a glass 12-ounce bottle.

Fish Coatings

Fisherman's Fish Coating

The Fisherman's Brand, which has been a Cleveland favorite for years, was recently added to the line of Heritage Fare products. The Fisherman's Fish Coating offers a reduced sodium fish coating without jeopardizing the flavor. Whether you are baking, deep frying, sautéing or grilling, the Fisherman's Coating will add satisfying flavor to all your fresh seafood. Be sure to try some! It is offered in a 10-ounce plastic orange and blue bag.


Heritage Fare Herb & Spice Fish Coating

From catfish to crabs and shrimp to swordfish, Heritage Fare Spicy Fish Coating is the best way to bake or deep fry and fresh seafood. This golden blend of spices, herbs and others seasonings with a hint of lemon flavor goes well with all kinds of seafood. Use the coating to create a fine, flavorful crust on fried fish. Or bake, sauté or deep fry for a delicious treat. This Herb and Spice Fish Coating is offered in a 10-ounce plastic orange sealed bag to contain freshness.